Aunt Chip an the Triple Creek Dam Affair

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Naomi C. (age 8)

Eli loved to visit his Aunt Charlotte who did not have a TV. Eli wanted everyone to read books instead of watching TV all day. No one would try to read books because everyone had TVs. Eli tried to tell everyone that books are fun. Will the Triple Creek town folks start reading again?

This book reminds me of my mom because she encourages me to read. My favorite part is when Eli changes people to want to read books because this is important. I like Eli because he encourages me to read harder books, so I can get the hang of it.

I recommend this book. It makes people feel happy because Eli changes people lives with book. The audience that would like to read this book would be 5-10yr olds because they might learn a lesson. Readers may have an interest in this book because they might learn a lesson from the story -Never give up!

Naomi C. is a student in Mrs. Ruffolo's 3rd Grade Class