Melvin Beederman Superhero the Revenge of the McNasty Brothers

Written by Greg Trine
Illustrated by Rhode Montijo

Reviewed by Tommy M. (age 9)

Melvin Beederman the Revenge of the McNasty Brothers by Greg Trine illustrated by Rhode Montijo is about two superheroes who want to make sure the world is a safe place. In the beginning the McNasty sisters are trying to break their brothers, the McNasty brothers, out of jail. In the previous book, Melvin caught them robbing many banks and had them sent to jail. The McNasty brothers are Melvin and Candace’s enemies. They capture Candace to try to lure Melvin to them. They bring her to a factory full of bologna. Melvin hears her screams with his super hero hearing and rushes to help her. Bologna is Melvin’s weakness because in the first book, it says every superhero has a weakness. When he’s near it he starts to get weak. He says, “Can’t…move…get…me…out..of…here.” Read the book to find out if Melvin is able to save Candace and survive the bologna.

Melvin Beederman the Revenge of the McNasty Brothers has very funny pictures. For example in one picture Melvin and Candace are catching the McNasty Brothers’ van. It shows Candace and Melvin stopping the van dead in its tracks and the road is being torn up. The McNasty Brothers are yelling like they want to get out of there quickly. The pictures give a lot of details. My favorite part is when all the bullies at Candace’s school dogpile on her but Candace uses her super powers to throw them off her. She throws them into the bathroom stalls. My favorite character is Melvin. I like him because he is persistent. For example Melvin can’t get up in the air on his first try, but he doesn’t give up. He tries four times and always gets up on the fifth try. “Crash, splat, thud, and kabonk.” Then he is able to join Candace in the air. These are some reasons why I like the Melvin Beederman series.

I would recommend this book to 3rd to 5th graders who like funny superhero books. Also, if you like books about teamwork, you should read Melvin Beederman Revenge of the McNasty Brothers.

Tommy M. is a student in Mrs. Kayser's 3rd Grade Class