That is Not a Good Idea

Written by Mo Williems • Illustrated by Mo Willems

Reviewed by M.A. (age 8)

If you like really funny books then I think you will like the book That is Not a Good Idea. The book is about a fox and a goose. There is a lot of cause and effect in the book. In this book you are lead to think the fox wants to cook the goose, but that is not what happens.

This book is hysterical! The fox and the goose keep walking and talking to a kitchen together. Someone keeps shouting "That is not a good idea!". I also like how the words were printed in the book because it made the book funny! The ducks are also really cute and I enjoyed the illustrations.

I think this books is good for ages 3-10 because it a funny book and it is easy to read for younger ages.

M.A. is a student in Mrs. Greene's 2nd Grade Class