Meet the Dullards

Written by Sarah Pennypacker • Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Reviewed by E.G. (age 7)

If you like picture books than this is a good book for you. It is called Meet the Dullards. The characters are Blanda, Borely and Little Dud. Their parents don't want them to have any fun! In this book the children try to find fun on their own.

Meet the Dullards is a very funny book because the parents say it is like a circus around their house, even though their house is grey and plain. Some of the other dull things in the book are that the children can only get plain ice cream, can not play outside and they can't even read.

I enjoyed this book because it made me feel happy. Everything in the book made me laugh. I also enjoyed the illustrations because they show how dull the Dullards are.

If you like books where the characters act strange than this is a good book for you. I recommend this book if you are in the first grade and up. I loved it because it was funny and strange.

E.G. is a student in Mrs. Greene's 2nd Grade Class