Dory and the Real True Friend

Written by Abby Hanlon
Illustrated by Abby Hanlon

Reviewed by Nancianne. R. (age 9)

Have you ever wondered what itís like to be the youngest? Well in Dory and the Real True Friend, Dory is the youngest of three. Her two older siblings, Luke and Violet, never play with her. The whole family calls her Rascal. School is starting and Dory is not excited. She likes to stay home in her nightgown and use her imagination. Doryís imagination is very important to her because whenever Luke and Violet say no to playing with her, she hangs out with Mary, her imaginary monster. But Luke and Violet keep telling Dory to stop using her imagination or she wonít have any friends. Will Dory stop using her imagination? Will Dory find a real friend? Read the book to find out.

I like this book because itís funny and whenever you turn the page you never know what will happen. My favorite part is when Dory sneaks into the closet and says, ďThis is heaven.Ē She thinks itís so comfortable and a great place to eat salami. Another funny part is when Rosabelle squirts lemon juice in Mrs. Goble Crackerís eye and she faints. She says, ďI am fainting. I am fainting.Ē The part I like the most is when Dory finds a friend. Luke and Violetís mouths hang open for a long time. One of my favorite illustrations is when Violet and Luke are yelling at Dory because they are telling her to stop moving the furniture and stop using her imagination. But what they are really saying is, donít be yourself. The picture shows Luke screaming at Dory and Dory smiling because sheís starting to see her imaginary friends who are making faces and Violet and Luke. I think Dory and I are similar because we both have siblings and we both think they are annoying sometimes. In the book Dory gets really excited when Violet and Luke look for someone to be the baby in the game they are playing. When Dory asks if she can do it, they say no and use Violetís baby doll instead. Sometimes when my brother and sister are playing and they ask who wants to take my place, they let my other sibling do it rather than me. Thatís why I like Dory.

I recommend this book to people who have older brothers and sisters. This is a great grade 3 book for 8 or 9 year olds. Each time you turn the page, you never know what crazy thing Dory might do. This is an amazing book. I hope that you read it too.

Nancianne. R. is a student in Mrs. Kayser's 3rd Grade Class