Plants vs. Zombies

Written by Paul Tobin and Ron Chan

Reviewed by Cole B. (age 8)

First in this book Zomboss is in Disguise and is thinking of destroying the neighborhood. Then Zombossí spider bag is empty. But he gets more spiders at a spider store. BUT whatís not good in this book is that he walks out of the store without PAYING. Then Nate gets ready to kill Zombies. He thinks Turtles are Zombie fighters. Will Zomboss take over the word? You should read this book to find out.

I think this book is funny because Nate makes bad ideas. One of Nate's ideas is he ties two tall nuts together but balloon Zombies appear! Another idea that I think was bad of Nate's was when he tied a bell to a duck. I think that the pictures were good and they matched the words well. My favorite part is when Nate thinks turtles are Zombie fighters. This is my favorite part because it was funny. I think it was funny because turtles are very slow and cannot punch.

I recommend this book because itís funny. It is funny because Nateís ideas are not smart.

Cole B. is a student in Mrs. Armstrong's 2nd Grade Class