Nancy Drew - Scream for Ice Cream

Written by Carolyn Keene
Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

Reviewed by Mackenzie P. (age 9)

In Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Scream for Ice Cream, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew are on a case and times running out! There are on a case trying to find out who took Kendra’s ice cream and why. Meanwhile they also have to make ice cream for the ice cream contest and the prize is free ice cream at Jim and Barry’s and the girls LOVE Jim and Barry’s ice cream! But then Nancy dog Chocolate Chip jumps on Nancy while Nancy is holding the ice cream and drops it! What will Nancy do with no ice cream for the contest and will they solve out who took Kendra’s ice cream in time for the contest?

I like Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Scream for Ice Cream because it’s very exciting and you can’t stop reading it. For example I couldn’t stop reading it because I just had to find out who stole Kendra’s ice cream and why. This book is like another Nancy Drew book. For example there all mysteries and all exciting because you always want to find out what happens next. My favorite part is when Chocolate Chip Nancy’s dog liked Nancy all over the face! Wouldn’t you love it if your dog gave you a big kiss?

This story reminds me that whenever I leave something on the counter when I come back its gone. If Nancy Drew was there she would fix the problem in one second. I recommend this book to people who love mysteries like I do. Because this book is a very funny mystery so that’s why I think people who like funny mysteries’ should read this.

Mackenzie P. is a student in Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class