Written by Daniel Wallace • Illustrated by Patrick Spaziante

Reviewed by Daniel T. (age 8)

First, there is lots of fun characters in the book Superman such as Bizarro, Batman, and lots of others. They talk about Clarkís childhood in Smallville. Next, Clark found out his secret when he was in high school. Then there is a battle between Lex Luther and Superman. Will Superman win and save the day? You will have to read the book to find out.

I think Superman is a very good book for two reasons. One reason is that the pictures are amazing. They are so good that it feels like they are real. Another reason is that the pictures add lots of info. Like when Pete Ross gets a broken arm. Thatís why superman is a very good book. My favorite part is when Clark BLEW out his candles because itís funny.

I recommend this book for people who love Superman because there is a lot of facts about Superman.

Daniel T. is a student in Mrs. Armstrong's 2nd Grade Class