The Storm

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Reviewed by Gianna N. (age 9)

The Storm illustration will appear here.

The Storm is a very happy book because there are all different characters that all come together and become a happy family. In this book a girl cat named Pandora lives in a lighthouse and loves to save lives. Pandora got inspired because someone had saved her life by using a lighthouse, but no one knows who. Pandora saved a boy dog named Seabold. They were together for a pretty long time in fact they even liked each other. If you think thatís not enough adventure you should read the book. Could you even imagine saving lives from a storm on the ocean and on a ship? I canít!

I like The Storm because in the beginning it pulls you into the story and then you canít stop reading. My favorite part in the storm is when it was talking about Pandora living in a lighthouse and then it said why she lives in a lighthouse and that is because a lighthouse once had saved her. That part is my favorite because it pulls you into the story and it makes me want to find out how. I like Pandora because she is very nice, sweet and kind. She even saves lives from storms. I learned a lesson from this book, itís that you should always be nice to people because at the end you are always happy and it is the best thing you could ever do for someone.

I recommend this book for 2-5 graders because the 2-5 graders will learn a kindness lesson.

Gianna N. is a student in Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class