Friendship According to Humphrey

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by James M. (age 9)

In Friendship According to Humphrey, you will laugh at Humphrey the funny hamster in room 26. wants and is trying to figure out a way to be a friend with a frog named Og, who is the animal next to him. Humphrey is a hamster that tries to figure out why Og would not talk the way he talked to him. He also helped Aldo, the custodian, get to a Teachers College and helps him teach a subject in room 26. Humphrey goes home with a kid from room 26 every weekend. He went home with the new kid and watched how much more she talked at her home then at school. If you wonder if Humphrey is going to find friendship with Og, you should read this book!

I liked this book because the way Humphrey talks to people even though he knows all people hear is squeaks. My favorite part is when Mrs. Brisbane reads Humphreys poem about Og and nobody knows he wrote it. I love Humphrey because, somehow, he seems to get his ideas to work at the last second. I liked how the author made Humphrey say things like: SAD, SAD, SAD, or MAD, MAD, MAD.

I recommend this book to 2-5 graders. This book might be perfect for readers who enjoy hamsters and a funny book. The theme of this book is Humphrey trying to make a friend and this might appeal to people who are trying to make a friend but is having a hard time. If you want to find out how Humphrey makes his friendship between him and Og? Read the book because I’m not telling…

James M. is a student in Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class