The World According to Humphrey

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class

In The World According to Humphrey, Mrs. Mac (the person that got him) left and Mrs. Brisbane comes back out to get him. Humphrey is bought by Mrs. Mac at the pet-o-rama pet store to give to her class because she thinks he’s smart. Then Humphrey meets the kind school cleaner. He can bounce a broom on one finger! Humphrey also helps a shy student, Sarah, and her family, learn to speak a little English. More exciting things happen as the character get closer to Halloween!

I enjoyed this book because of the character Humphrey. He is kind, funny, silly and helpful. Humphrey helped the principal children to become polite. Also, he got the best costume award! He also taught Sarah and her family to speak English.

I would recommend this book to people who like pets and who enjoy funny stories. This book is great for kids in third to fourth grade because it doesn’t have really hard words but some words are a little challenging.

Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class