Arthur's Mystery Envelope

Written by Marc Brown
Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Charlie C. (age 9)

In Arthur’s mystery envelope you team up with Arthur to solve a mystery. In this book Arthur gets called to the office and gets handed an envelope to bring home. Arthur things he is in a lot of trouble and is worried he will go to summer school. Arthur tries everything to get rid of the envelope. At the end of the book Arthur found out…Well just read to find out what is in the envelope.

I like this book because of the illustrations because they catcher how Arthur fells. This book reminds me of when I get report card because you don’t know what’s inside. The special thing in my book is Arthur is always getting into trouble. My favorite part is when Arthur comes back from the office worried.

I believe this book would be perfect for people in third grade and who enjoy mysteries. Arthur in the story might interest readers who sometimes get worried because Arthur got worried during the story. This is why people in third grade who enjoy mysteries would like this book.

Charlie C. is a student in Mrs. Zweig's 3rd Grade Class