Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Riley S. (age 9)

Patricia liked to spend summers at her grandma’s farm in Michigan. Patricia was scared of thunder, so she hid under her bed. Grandma got Patricia out of her bed because grandma decided to make a cake. But they had to get the ingredients out of the barn. Will Patricia still be scared of the thunder?

My favorite part of the story was when Patricia and her grandma baked a cake. I liked that part because I love baking with my mom. I felt happy that Patricia got out from under her bed. This book reminds me of when sometimes at night I get scared when it`s really dark and quiet in my room. The book reminds me of that because Patricia is scared of the thunder.

I would recommend this book to people who are scared of thunder because this book might help you not be scared of thunder anymore. I would also recommend this book to 5-8 year olds because the part where grandma and Patricia bake the cake might interest them. Most young kids enjoy baking!

Riley S. is a student in Mrs. Ruffolo's 3rd Grade Class