Pink and Say

Written by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Zechariah F. (age 9)

Pinkus and Sheldon are two young boys who are in the Civil War. Their nicknames are Pink and Say. During that war, Say got very hurt. Pink found Say on the ground bleeding. So, Pink brought Say to his home. Will Say get better?

My favorite characters in this book are Pinkus and his mother Moe Moe Bay. These are my favorite characters because Pinkus brought Sheldon all the way to his home, and Moe Moe Bay helped Sheldon get better. My favorite part of this book was when Pinkus brought Sheldon all the way to his home from the Civil War because he was very hurt. This was my favorite part because Pinkus shows a lot of bravery and Pink wanted Shelden to get better.

I recommend this book because it shows how you can care for others. I recommend this book to kids who do not care for others because it can affect their lives and show them how to be kind and caring. This can inspire readers to be brave and to care for others.

Zechariah F. is a student in Mrs. Ruffolo's 3rd Grade Class