Thunder Cake

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Gabriel D. (age 8)

In the beginning of Thunder Cake, Patricia and her Babushka try to make a chocolate cake at babushka’s house. They also have to get the ingredients before a storm. Here are the ingredients: Strawberries, Chocolate frosting, Eggs, Flour and milk. In the middle, as a big thunderstorm approaches Patricia hides under the bed in her babushka’s room. Then the Babushka teaches her an important lesson to be brave about things that can scare you. After that happened, Patricia was really never afraid of thunderstorms.

I liked the book because… 1. There is some suspense. You might wonder “Are they going to get the ingredients in time? 2. The characters have characteristics that match the story. For example, Patricia is scared of thunder and a thunder storm happens. Babushka is brave when the thunder storm is happening and tries to help Patricia be brave and not be afraid of thunder storms anymore. 3. It has a recipe in the back of the book for Thunder Cake. 4. This book is also really entertaining. These are the reasons why I like the book Thunder Cake!

I would recommend this book to people who like chocolate cake and who are scared of thunderstorms because… they want to make a cake while a thunderstorm is coming. Also when I was little I had a HUGE fear of thunder storms. This is my FAVORITE Patricia Polacco book!!!!

COMMENT: What do you mean that the characters have characteristics that match the story?

Gabriel D. is a student in Mrs. Violino's 3rd Grade Class