Mrs. Katz and Tush

Written by Patricia Polacco
Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

Reviewed by Andrew A. (age 8)

In the book Mrs. Katz and Tush, there is a cat named Tush. His name is Tush because he doesnít have a tail and the only thing you see is his tush! Mrs. Katz chose to adopt him because a neighbor, Larnal, convinced Mrs. Katz to get Tush. Mrs. Katz told Larnal that he had to help take care of him because Mrs. Katz did not know how. One day Mrs. Katz came in the house and called for Tush and Tush did not come. Mrs. Katz saw the window open and Tush was gone. Read on to find out if Tush returns.

I like the book because it was happy in the end. I canít reveal why. It reminds of when I was lost in a store. I was scared but after a little while, I found my mom. I also like the book because it has a cat in it. Cats are my favorite kind of animal.

I will recommend this book to my mom because I tried to convinced her to get me a cat and she did not. I also recommend this book to my mom because she likes cats.

Andrew A. is a student in Mrs. Violino's 3rd Grade Class