The Baliey School Kids Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses

Written by Debbie Dabey
Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Lily R. (age 10)

Eddie, Howie, Liza, and Melody are very suspicious of their new boating instructor Captain Teach. Is he really a pirate? Captain Blackbeard Edward TEACH to be exact? Or is he just a VERY strict boating instructor? After they find a treasure map in his cabin theyíre not so sure he is just a boating instructor. But they still have one thing to consider. Pirates donít wear pink sunglasses!

I loved the book Pirates Donít Wear Pink Sunglasses because the characters are very adventurous. They go snooping in their boating instructorís cabin and find a treasure map. They go looking for the treasure, too. I loved the illustrations because they are very realistic and they capture the scene really well even though they are black and white. The characters remind me of myself when I was little because I was always snooping around too .

I recommend this book to 1-3 graders because it has humor 1-3 graders will understand.

Lily R. is a student in Mrs. Adolphus' 3rd Grade Class