Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

Written by Nick Bruel

Reviewed by Elaina L. (age 9)

In the book, Happy Birthday Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty doesnít even wake up for his birthday! In the middle of this book, Bad Kittyís friends come over and they have to leave because Bad Kitty goes crazy all because he didnít get what he wanted. At the end of his book, Bad Kitty sort of gets what he wanted. Read this book to find out what Bad Kitty wants so bad.

Bad Kitty is good book series because it had good pictures and itís really funny. I like how the author expresses the characterís feelings and thoughts. You can see in the pictures just how the character is feeling. If they are sad, the picture shows them crying. I can relate to this book because I sometimes get sad if I don't get what I want for my birthday, but I wouldn't go crazy like Bad Kitty. You should check out this book series at your local library.

If you like funny chapter books and animals, you should get the book series, Bad Kitty.

Elaina L. is a student in Mrs. Gunnink's 3rd Grade Class