Those Shoes

Written by Maribeth Boelts
Illustrated by Noah Z Jones

Reviewed by Hannah B. (age 9)

In “Those Shoes”, there is a boy that wants a new pair of shoes that everyone has. His grandma does not have enough money for them and he did not need them. He needed a pair of black winter boots because his old ones were too small. One day he ripped his old shoes and needed a new pair of shoes. They looked and looked in stores and finally found them. He tried them on but they were too small but he wanted them so bad he lied to his grandma and said they fit. His grandma bought them. He never wore them to school because he realized one of his friends had duck tape on their shoes. He decided to give his shoes to him.

I love this book because it teaches us a lesson to not lie when something does not fit. It's always better to tell the truth. It's good when students can learn something from reading a story. I also liked that the character helped another student in need. It showed kindness.

You should read this book if you like shoes!

Hannah B. is a student in Mrs. Gunnink's 3rd Grade Class