Little Rhino: Dugout Hero

Written by Ryan & Krystle Howard
Illustrated by Erwin Madrid

Reviewed by Christian P. (age 8)

In Little Rhino Dugout Hero Rhino loves to play baseball. Rhinoís ankle gets sprained. Rhino canít play but he can watch. Rhino needs to wait a couple of weeks to wait to play again. Rhino is pretty upset that he canít play baseball and needs to stay in from recess to ice his ankle. His ankle gets healed. Rhino can play baseball AGAIN!

I liked when Rhino ate a mustard hotdog. I liked this part because I like to eat mustard on my hotdogs, too. Rhino and I both like mustard hotdogs. This book reminds me of when I broke my two pinkies, left collar bone and fractured my left ring finger. Iím not really sad that Rhino sprained his ankle because Iíve broken 4 bones. When Rhino was batting he felt a pop. I wasnít sad that Rhino sprained his ankle because I knew heíd be ok. My favorite part was when Rhino gets better after he sprained his ankle. This is my favorite part because his ankle got healed.

I recommend this book to second and third graders that like sports. I also recommend this book to people who have sprained bones playing baseball.

Christian P. is a student in Ms. Morrone's 3rd Grade Class