That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom

Written by Judy Cox
Illustrated by Blanche Sims

Reviewed by William P. (age 9)

In That Crazy Eddie and the Science project of Doom Matt wants to win the science fair. Matt goes the Big-Mart with his Dad and his brother Luke to get the supplies for the project. Matt got the supplies but then Matt got sick and had to stay home. Matt got better and went to school and built a volcano for his science project. Then Matt kicked the volcano because he was mad at Eddie. Eddie was surprised that Matt kicked the volcano. Then Matt felt better and the next day Matt said he was sorry. Eddie was cool about it. Then Matt had an idea to fix it. They fixed the project and went to the science fair.

One part in the story that I liked was when Matt kicked the volcano and Matt kicked Eddie’s half over and over. Eddie was watching and he got very mad and Eddie said “We’re not even friends.” This made me very sad but then Matt felt sorry for what he did. When they fixed the project and went to the science fair it made me happy because they are friends again. My favorite part was when Mittens got stuck on the roof of Matt’s house. Lorrie tried to get Mittens down. Just as Lorrie was about to grab Mittens, Mittens jumped off the roof. Lorrie called out “help me” Matt looked on the roof and saw Lorrie on the roof. Matt called out to Eddie, Eddie saw Lorrie on the roof, Matt and Eddie went to get a ladder they put the ladder against the house Lorrie climbed down. This is my favorite part because Matt and Eddie become friends again. When Matt chose Eddie for his partner it reminded me of when I chose my group for a project. Matt chose Eddie because Matt thought he would be a good partner. I chose my group because I thought they would be a nice group. My favorite part was when they built a volcano. I liked this because I like building projects.

I recommend “That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom” to 3rd graders and up and people who like science. I think they will like it because the problem got solved.

William P. is a student in Ms. Morrone's 3rd Grade Class