That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom

Written by Judy Cox
Illustrated by Blanche Sims

Reviewed by Philip O. (age 8)

In That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom Matt and Eddie are science partners. Matt and Eddie want the fifty dollar prize from the science fair to buy a skateboard. Eddie and Matt make a volcano. Matt gets sick and Eddie tells the class that Matt has diarrhea. Matt kicked the volcano because he was mad at Eddie. Matt and Eddie fixed the ripped volcano by putting tape on it.

I liked when Matt and Eddie built the volcano. Then Matt kicked the volcano and it ripped. Matt and Eddie tried to fix the volcano by putting tape on it. My favorite part is when Lorrie got stuck on the roof Matt and Eddie did not know what to do. Then Eddie ran to his house to get his ladder Matt and Eddie got Lorrie down. This story reminds me of when I had to work in a science group. I did not get to share my idea and I felt sad.

I recommend this book for kids in second grade. This book is great for second graders who like volcanos because the two main characters build a volcano.

Philip O. is a student in Ms. Morrone's 3rd Grade Class