Franklin Goes to the Hospital

Written by Paulette Bourgeois • Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Hannah K. (age 8)

Are you ever scared to hospital? Well, don’t be!

This book is about Franklin going to the hospital and having a crack in his shell. Franklin has to have x-rays and surgery. After the surgery it takes Franklin a few minutes to wake up. When he is awake he gets to see the x-rays.

I like “Franklin Goes to the Hospital” because at first he is scared and then he is brave. I can relate to it because I have been to the hospital a lot. I like the beginning because sometimes the Franklin books start with the same words like, “Franklin can count by twos and tie his shoes.”

If you are scared to go to the hospital … I recommend you read “Franklin Goes to the Hospital” because it will show why not to be scared to go to the hospital. My classmate Kimora likes "Franklin Goes to the Hospital” because she has a connection to the book because her grandma has had to go to the hospital.

I would rate this book ***** stars because the setting and characters are drawn very good.

Go to the library and check out this book!

Hannah K. is a student in Mrs. Horst's 2nd Grade Class