The Gingerbread Man (retold)

Written by Madge Tovey • Illustrated by Wayne Andreason

Reviewed by Giovonni S. (age 8)

Have you read the Gingerbread Boy? It is a good book. Have you read the Gingerbread Girl? The Gingerbread Girl is a better book than the Gingerbread Boy. The old man and the old woman were making the Gingerbread Girl in the oven. She jumps out of the oven and starts running away. She is faster than the Gingerbread Boy. She can jump over hills and animals. All the kids want to eat her. She didnít want to get eaten. The Gingerbread Girl meets a fox in the woods who wants to eat her.

I like this story because it has a lot of action because the Gingerbread Girl runs away from everyone. She was very smart and she keeps saying, "I'm faster than my brother." I like when she uses a piece of her hair to tie around the fox's mouth.

You should read this story because it is funny when the Gingerbread Girl runs away from everyone. I think you will like this book because it is awesome and it has a surprise ending.

Giovonni S. is a student in Mrs. Zwaan's 2nd and 3rd Grade Class