Star Wars Jedi Academy - The Phantom Bully

Written by Jeff Brown
Illustrated by 176

Reviewed by Lucas D. (age 8)

In the beginning of the book Jedi Academy, a boy named Roan is nervous for his last year at Jedi Academy. Roan hears that each student would have a Jedi mentor to help them learn. When Roan hears he has Mr.Garfield, he says "uh-oh" because Mr. Garfield is really strict and doesn't like Roan that much. The two bullies Cronach and Cyrus get Roan and his friends Pasha and Gaiana into trouble. A new girl named Lilly walks into the hall and asks Cyrus, “Why is Cronach so mean?" Cyrus gets nervous and walks away because he's embarrassed that he's being called a bully. Everybody is leaving for Spring Break and for the first time Mr.Garfield says, “I’m proud of you Roan.” This makes Roan change his mind about Mr. Garfield. Read to find out what happens after Spring Break”.

In my opinion, Jedi Academy by Jeffry Brown is amazing. The main character Roan is disappointed because he gets Mr. Garfield out of all the other Jedi mentors. First, Roan hears that he has Mr. Garfield as a mentor and secretly in his mind he says this is going to be the worst year. Next, Mr. Garfield does not give second chances when Roan fails at pilot training and Roan’s stuck with it. Lastly, Mr.G makes Roan wash a spaceship for a punishment. To sum it up, Roan thinks Mr.Garfield is not so bad after all.

If you like challenging words, Jedi Academy is a good book for you. Do you like fantasy? I would rate Jedi Academy 5 out of 5 stars because it’s silly, funny, and other things to. It’s by a great author Jeffry Brown. If you like books about silliness read my book.

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Lucas D. is a student in Mrs. ONeil's 3rd Grade Class