Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

Written by Jeff Kinney

Reviewed by Jack G. (age 9)

Do you like road trips? Then you might like to read Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney.

To begin with, Susan the mom, wants to go on a road trip and the family doesnít want to go. The dad especially doesnít want to go because he doesnít want to be away from his work. But they decide to go and Greg gets stuffed in the back with the luggage. Dad brought a boat along with them. The dad, Greg, Rodrick, and Manny suggest they rent an R.V. but mom says no. While they are on the trip, they have some crazy adventures including their car breaking down and some crazy seagulls that wonít leave them alone.

In addition, my favorite part was when they slept in this weird hotel. I liked this part because there were cigarette burns in the bed. Gross! I felt excited when I read this book. Iím always dying to find out what happens next even though most of the things were not good for Greg. This book is not like other books that I have read. It is written like a diary in Gregís words and his writing so it is very different from a regular book.

In conclusion, this book would be recommended for kids 8-12. This is because the book is about a middle schooler. Read this book before anyone you know does!

Jack G. is a student in Mrs. Blaisdell's 3rd Grade Class