island of the aunts

Written by Eva lbbotson
Illustrated by Kevin

Reviewed by Diana C. (age 10)

This story is about three aunts named Etta, Coral and Myrtle. These crazy ladies tend to mystical assortments of animals, mermaids, selkies, ghosts, a very long talking worm, and a bird that lays eggs so large only one could make seventy-two omelets. It is very hard work to tend to all of them so they go to a city and kidnap three children. Two of these children actually like it and the other is crazy about getting back to the city.

It was intense when the selkie got cut and turned into a human. I think it was hilarious when they have to untangle the very, very, long worm. It was so sad when the obsessed businessman steals everything on the island including the children. It was so magical when you find out there are mermaids, selkies and a booberie.

This is definitely a read aloud for a younger audience. Children 7-19 would love this book. People that like adventures and magic should read this book.

Diana C. is a student in Maestra Angela's 5th Grade Class