The Runaway Racehorse

Written by Ron Roy

Reviewed by Daniel R. (age 8)

The Runaway Racehorse illustration will appear here.

The book has three main characters. Their names are Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose. The story takes place mostly in a barn and a racetrack. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose were on a train to the barn to see Dink’s uncle, (he owns a horse). When they got there the horse was gone. Dink’s uncle made some calls to locate the horse and nobody had seen it. Later Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose went to bed. In the morning the horse was back, and then the horse had to be in a race. He usually won first place, but he won last! In the end, well I won’t give away the ending…

This book is an amazing mystery. I really like how the characters change behavior. An example is that the horse changes actions. He was gone in the beginning and then returned different. I like that it makes kids want to use teamwork because Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose worked together to solve a mystery and I like how the illustrations look.

I recommend this book to people who like horses, to people who like mysteries and it’s great for third grade readers because the words aren’t too hard but they’re not too easy. It is an amazing mystery and, it has horses in it. You should read it!

Daniel R. is a student in Mrs. Ciolino's 3rd Grade Class