The Jaguar's Jewel

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Malia T. (age 9)

In The Jaguar’s Jewel by Ron Roy, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose go to New York City. When they get off the train in Grand Central they find Dink’s uncle waiting for them. They all eat dinner and go to his apartment. The next day they all go to Dink’s uncle’s museum. A new shipment came in with a precious artifact called the Jaguar’s Jewel. A guy named Dr. Pitts came to see if it came in safely. It was a fake. There were four suspects, Dr. Pitts, Jean-Pahl, Mr. Wu and Dink’s uncle. Read this book to find out who it was.

The Jaguar’s Jewel is an amazing book. I like when they find the jewel in the fish tank in the story. Ruth Rose saw something glittering in the fish tank. It was funny and unexpected because I would think someone would hide it in a bag. The book gave a lot of details instead of saying they found a video camera it said Dink found a secret button which led to a video camera. Ron Roy teaches kids to persevere. In the story everyone thinks it was Dink’s uncle but they try to prove them wrong.

I would recommend this book to third and fourth graders because it is a funny book and third and fourth graders like funny books. Also Ron Roy teaches kids to persevere through things that are tough. They are kind to each other and a lot of people can relate. That's why you should read this book.

Malia T. is a student in Mrs. Ciolino's 3rd Grade Class