The Falcon's Feathers

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by John Stevens Gurney

Reviewed by Lauren H. (age 8)

Josh, Ruth Rose, and Dink go out to watch falcons but when they go to look at the nest… the falcons are missing! The next day they go back to investigate and they find a falcon in the bushes with a little tag on the leg that says GLKS-6-17. Who took the falcons? What does the tag mean? Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose have another mystery on their hands.

This is a spectacular book because you never know what’s going to come next. A to Z mysteries is an awesome series. After you read The Falcons Feathers you will want to read The Gooses Gold. My favorite part is when they found who or what took the birds. If you are looking for a superior book, then you would love reading The Falcons Feathers and all of the A to Z mystery books.

I would recommend this book for ages 7-10 and grades 2-4. If you love mysteries, this would be an awesome book for you. If you feel like reading a mystery book, go to a library and get A to Z mystery books now!

Lauren H. is a student in Mrs. Burnell/Mr. Tompkins' 3rd Grade Class