Mrs. Lilly is Silly

Written by Dan Gutman
Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Gabriella P. (age 9)

Do you like very funny books? Then you should read Mrs. Lilly is Silly! Itís about a teacher named Mrs. Lilly who makes newspapers for the school. Two characters named AJ and Andrea are able to get good secrets about other teachers so they work with Mrs. Lilly to publish their secrets! If you want to see is this is a good idea, you should read Mrs. Lilly is Silly!

I think the book Mrs. Lilly is Silly! was very funny. It made me laugh a lot. It also made me happy while reading it. My favorite part was when Mr. Klutz pulled down his pants. All the characters were really silly. The character Alexia reminds me of my cousin PJ because she likes sports like skateboarding and PJ likes sports and riding his bike. It made me happy that no parts of the book were sad. I like book that make me laugh and this book was perfect!

I think other kids should read this book because it is funny. Mrs. Lilly is Silly will make you laugh so hard. I think kids ages 8-12 should read this book because itís funny and they could relate to it the best. Not only will the funny parts interest the reader, but the weird ones will too!

Gabriella P. is a student in Ms. Treuer's 3rd Grade Class