Goosebumps Most Wanted: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Jack D. (age 9)

If you like freaky books then you would like Dr. Maniac Will See You Now. In book there is a kid with bad allergies. He has a crush on Bree and a brother Ernie. Then, suddenly comic book characters escape from the comic world and into the real world! What will the team do? Read the book to find out.

I strongly believe that this book is one of the best books that I ever read. The reason is that it is so creepy. My favorite part is when Purple Rage punched a squirrel out of a tree. It was so funny that I laughed my head off. Dr. Maniac reminded of myself because when I laugh I can’t stop, I just keep laughing like a hyena (and maniac). It is like other books by the author R.L. Stine because it is creepy, scary, funny and dramatic just like all of R.L. Stine’s other books.

I think other kids should read this book because it is spooky. A reader who will not scream to death would enjoy this book. I recommend this book to 4th to 6th graders. The surprise ending will interest the reader. This is the surprise ending…just kidding! Read the book to find out.

Jack D. is a student in Ms. Treuer's 3rd Grade Class