George's Marvelous Medicine

Written by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Jordan F. (age 9)

Do you like to laugh? If so, George’s Marvelous Medicine is the right book for you. It’s about a boy named George who is taking care of his old cranky grandma. He makes a medicine to cure her grouchiness. After she takes the medicine she starts growing to the height of a sky scrapper. Does George save his grandma from growing really tall? Does his grandma change her ways? Find out in George’s Marvelous Medicine.

I strongly believe that this is the best book ever. I love this book because there’s a nice surprising ending. I found George interesting because even though his grandma was mean and old, he still gave her the medicine. I also felt bad for George because he had to live with his old, cranky grandma. Grandma changed throughout the book. She started growing as tall as a sky skrapper.They solved it by… oh, I can’t tell you so you should start reading to find out.

I recommend the book to people who like to laugh and like funny pictures. The type of reader who would enjoy this book is a person that wouldn’t want to stop reading. It’s so good that if you don’t like to read this book you might change your mind. 8-10 year olds boys and girls would enjoy this book. I think the Grandma would interest you because she’s not your everyday nice and normal Grandma. She’s the opposite! Go get this book as soon as possible.

Jordan F. is a student in Ms. Tierney's 3rd Grade Class