The Gingerbread Man

Written by Jim Aylesworth • Illustrated by Barbara McClintock

Reviewed by Tristen C. (age 9)

Have you ever read the Gingerbread Man? The Gingerbread Man is very smart. He runs away from people and a lot of animals. He is quick as a wink. A couple pages later he meets a fox. See what happens at the end of the book.

I like the part when the Gingerbread Man met the butcher because in the background there were lots of meats and I like meat. It was funny when the Gingerbread Man ran under the little old man. It looked like he was going to flip over.

I think this book is interesting because the Gingerbread Man smiles in most of the book. He is clever and mischievous. I think this book is for second and third graders.

Tristen C. is a student in Mrs. Zwaan's 2nd and 3rd Grade Class