Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle

Written by Jennifer Jacobson

Reviewed by Avery M. (age 8)

Andy Shane is the main character in this new series. He is about seven years old. He is going to a brand new school. At school he meets a mean girl named Dolores Starbuckle. For example sometimes she tattles on him. Also she thinks hes doing the wrong thing when he is doing the right thing. Dolores is rude and thinks she is smarter than Andy. He tries to out smart her. Will he or won't he? You will have to read this great book book to find out what happens.

This is a great book. Andy Shane is really funny. Our teacher read this book to us and all of my classmates really liked it. Everyone likes a good book right? I especially liked the granny character. She was funny. Grannies help with everything because grannies are wise and smart. I recommend this book for kids aged two to fifteen. This book gets three out of five stars.

Avery M. is a student in Mrs. Page-Redmann's 2nd Grade Class