Bad Kitty vs. Uncle Murray The Uproar at the Front Door

Written by Nick Bruel

Reviewed by Colin P. (age 8)

I am reviewing Bad Kitty VS Uncle Murray because it is amazing. And I get a good image in my mind. Bad Kitty’s owner had to go away for a week so Uncle Murray is watching Bad Kitty for a week. Whenever Bad Kitty saw Uncle Murray, Bad Kitty would say SCREECH! Uncle Murray is chasing Bad Kitty outside and a lot of cats following Bad Kitty and Uncle Murray back in the house. Then Uncle Murray yells GET OUT! And all of the cats get out of the house but Uncle Murray slams the door before Bad Kitty gets out of the house then Uncle Murray does something so bad to Bad Kitty…well you will just have to read this book to find out.

The Bad Kitty book series is one of my favorites. I think it is so funny because it has a talking cat. First, Bad Kitty is hilarious because when Uncle Murray was watching Bad Kitty, he said, “Hi there, ya goofy cat!” But Bad Kitty thought he was going to hurt him. That was my favorite part in the book because Bad Kitty was totally wrong about Uncle Murray. His behavior from then on showed how scared he was even though Uncle Murray was trying to be nice. This is why I think Bad Kitty is the funniest character in this book because he totally misunderstands that Uncle Murray is actually nice!

I recommend this book to readers who like to laugh!

Colin P. is a student in Mrs. Pelin's 3rd Grade Class