Miss Daisy Is Crazy

Written by Dan Gutman
Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Dennis C. (age 8)

Have you ever thought about where you learn about math and writing? Well the book Miss. Daisy is Crazy by Dan Gutman is a book about a teacher that does not know anything . First, Miss. Daisy says that 1+1=9 and then she says that 9+1=9. She is trying her best but she can’t understand math. The principal came in and said, “what is the problem?” but the class said nothing. They were just lying. They try to help Miss. Daisy but they come up short she should not be a teacher. You will have to read the book to find out if Mrs. Daisy learns how to read, write and do math.

I think this book is fun to read but weird too. It is part of the My Weird School series. You might like it because a teacher does not know how to do math or writing. The kids try to teach her. Another reason I like this book because it has funny parts. AJ and Emily talk about Miss Daisy at recess and Emily says that she wants to go to a different school. Maybe Miss Daisy is the only one in the school that knows nothing. This book is weird and I like it.

I recommend this book to people who like to act weird. Do you like being weird? If you do, you should read this book and the series. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I like when Miss. Daisy confesses she doesn’t know math. Miss Daisy is Crazy by Dan Gutman is a funny, weird book you should read!

Dennis C. is a student in Mrs. Miro's 3rd Grade Class