Stink and the Shark Sleepover

Written by Megan McDonald • Illustrated by Peter Reynolds

Reviewed by Andy J. (age 7)

Have you read any Stink books? Stink and the Shark Sleepover, by Megan McDonald is a really good book. Did you know that? The title made me surprised! Stink does not really have a sleepover with a shark, but he does sleep at an aquarium. Read on to find out more!

The main character is Stink. Stink is a nickname, not a real name. His real name is James. In this book, Stink wanted to learn all about sharks. Stink’s mom and dad went to a fundraiser. They won tickets for the family to sleepover at the aquarium. Stink does not get to sleep because Stink’s dream became a nightmare, so he stays awake. Read the book to find out if Stink stays awake or if he finally falls asleep.

Stink is hilarious. For example Stink put toothpaste on Judy’s fingertips while she was sleeping. Then he blew on her face. She scratched her nose and forehead. She then had an ooey-gooey face covered with green toothpaste. This part made me laugh!

Stink likes adventures and he likes to learn. He had a sleepover at a real aquarium and learned about sharks. I like fish too.

The part I really like is when Stink first got to the aquarium. The aquarium teacher put a small fish on the end of a stick. She put the stick in the shark tank. The shark attacked the stick. Stink thought is was mega awesome!

You will like Stink and the Shark Sleepover, by Megan McDonald. It is a hilarious book! I am guessing it will be your favorite book when you read it! I recommend this book to second grade boys and girls. I give this book four stars!

Andy J. is a student in Mrs. Moll's 2nd Grade Class