Pirate Mom

Written by Deborah Underwood • Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

Reviewed by Summer D. (age 7)

In this story, Peteís mom gets turned into a pirate. It is hard having a pirate for a mom. Read this book to find out if Peteís mom stays a pirate or goes back to being just a mom.

I liked this book for many reasons. First, I liked it because it is funny thinking about someoneís mom being a pirate. Also, this book is good because it kept my attention the whole time. Finally, the illustrations popped my mind! They were so interesting. They had a bunch of details and colors. That is why itís a good book.

I would recommend this book because the illustrations are so good, I never wanted to look away. I think kids who like funny stories will like this book because itís so silly.

Summer D. is a student in Mrs. Spencer's 2nd Grade Class