A Big Guy Took My Ball! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Written by Mo Williams

Reviewed by Adrian R. (age 8)

Do you like books? Good! Have you seen A Big Guy Took My Ball, by Mo Willems? No? You must borrow it from the library today!

In the book, A Big Guy Took My Ball!, Biggie thinks that a whale stole his ball. It’s really the whale’s ball. Read to learn how the whale, Gerald, and Piggie all become friends.

My favorite part is when the big guy takes the ball away from Piggie and Gerald sticks up for Piggie. I like this part because it shows that Gerald and Piggie are really good friends. I love Gerald and Piggie because they always help each other and are nice to other animals.

Elephant and Piggie are always playing outside. For example they played ball outside with a Big Guy. It reminds me of playing outside with my friends.

Elephant and Piggie make me laugh. At the end of the book, they play together and Piggie is sitting on the water squirting out of the Big Guy.

A Big Guy Took My Ball, by Mo Willems is a wonderful book! I think all kids will like this book. You should read it after school today…right away!

Adrian R. is a student in Mrs. Moll's 2nd Grade Class