The Gardener

Written by Sarah Stewart • Illustrated by David Small

Reviewed by Logan M. (age 8)

Gardeners and bakers are people who love books. If you are one of those people, you might want to read "The Gardener."

In the book "The Gardener," you will meet the main character Lydia Grace. Lydia Grace's mother is losing her job. Lydia Grace's father lost his job. Lydia Grace had to leave and stay with her uncle. She has a passion for gardening but she really wants to learn how to bake. Luckily, the apartment she's staying in has a big roof and window sills that she can put stuff on. Also, good luck for her, her uncle works at a bakery! Lydia Grace's uncle never smiles. Lydia and someone who works at the bakery are trying to make that happen. What will they do to make him smile? Will they or won't they? Find out in "The Gardener."

I liked the book because it is a happy book. I also liked the book because it keeps you wondering. It kept me wondering, What will she do with the experience at home? You might not know this, but Lydia Grace's grandmother is a gardener. Will Lydia's mom and dad get their jobs back?

I would recommend this book to people who like baking and gardening because Lydia likes it, too. I would also recommend this book to people who like to learn about people who are struggling.

Logan M. is a student in Mrs. Page-Redmann's 2nd Grade Class