Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

Written by Kate DiCamillo • Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Reviewed by Rose C. (age 7)

Do you like reading about pigs? Yes? Oh, that’s great! Well, I think you’ll love Mercy Watson Fights Crime, by Kate DiCamillo.

In Mercy Watson Fights Crime, Mercy wanted to go to bed, but she could not. She heard a noise downstairs. She went downstairs and discovered…Leroy Ninker! A thief! He was stealing the Watson’s toaster! Mercy LOVES toast! Read to find out how Mercy Watson fights crime!

Have I told you enough about Mercy Watson? No? Well, I should have! Now that reading woman, Rose, is here, you will know lots about Mercy Watson. But the book will still not be spoiled! Mercy is always sticking her nose in the air to smell hot buttered toast. She LOVES to eat hot buttered toast! Mercy also likes going on drives with Mr. Watson in his pink convertible.

My favorite part is when Mercy fell back asleep after coming downstairs. When she falls asleep, her cheek was smushed against the kitchen floor…. zzzzzz. So funny! I also love this book because I really love pigs and I've always wanted a piglet. This book shows how fun it would be to have a pig. I liked when Mercy heard a noise downstairs and she thought someone was making toast. Mercy loves toast. There was nobody making toast, someone was stealing the toaster. It was Leroy Ninker. Mercy falls asleep and then wakes up ant lets Leroy ride on Mercy's back. This shows me that Mercy is pretty friendly.

Well, I hope you know enough about Mercy Watson. Before you go, I would like to tell you that I will become Saddy McSadpants if you don’t read the book! I recommend Mercy Watson Fights Crime, by Kate DiCamillo to both children and adults and especially to people who love pigs.

Rose C. is a student in Mrs. Moll's 2nd Grade Class