The World According to Humphrey

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by Gavin R. (age 8)

Humphrey is an interesting, but long book. It starts out when Humphrey is living at the Pet-O-Rama, but then gets bought by Ms. Mac, a teacher. Find out what happens when Humphrey becomes her class pet.

I liked this book for many reasons. First, Humphrey acts so cute, especially when he runs on his spinning wheel. I also give this book five stars because it made me happy when Ms. Mac buys Humphrey. Also, my favorite part is when Humphrey learns to shoot a rubber band. It was interesting that a hamster could learn to shoot a rubber band with such tiny paws. As you can see, this book is worth reading.

Kids who like hamsters will like this book because a hamster is the main character. Kids in 2nd - 5th grade might like it because it is a chapter book. I recommend this book because I was never bored reading it. It also kept my attention the whole time I read it.

Gavin R. is a student in Mrs. Spencer's 2nd Grade Class