Stuart Little at the Fun House

Written by Susan Hill • Illustrated by Lydia Haiverson

Reviewed by Sawyer H. (age 7)

Have you ever seen a mouse thatís a brother? I bet you have not! One look at the cover and you will want to read Stuart Little - Stuart at the Fun House. I think it is very funny. Stuart is little and everything is big for him.

In this book Stuart wants to go to the amusement park and do everything that his brother George does, but he cannot because he is too little. The problem in the story is that Stuart thinks he is too little. Stuart canít do a lot of things, but he can do some things. Read and find out all the ways George helps Stuart at the amusement park.

My favorite part is when they decided to go on the ferris wheel. I liked how they solved the problem together. Stuart rode in Georgeís pocket. I also liked how this happens on the last page and they are raising their hands. It looks like they are saying goodbye to the reader. I especially like how this book reminds me of my brother. George and Stuart have lots of fun playing at the amusement park. Me and my brother have fun playing together too.

I bet you will love this book. What are you doing after school? You will obviously go read Stuart Little! If you have a brother you will love this book!

Sawyer H. is a student in Mrs. Moll's 2nd Grade Class