The Poky Little Puppy

Written by Janette Sebing Lowrey • Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren

Reviewed by May R. (age 7)

The Poky Little Puppy is about five little puppies. They go past the gate and go to the hill. One puppy will count the puppies and he will count four of them. The rest of the puppies will look up the hill for the other puppy. No puppy! They look down the hill and at the very bottom they see him. Four puppies go back home, but one stays. Read this book to find out what happens next.

I like the Poky Little Puppy because I love puppies. I think the lesson in the book is to listen to your mom and dad. This book reminds me of when my brother and I go in the ravine in the winter by ourselves like the five puppies. This book is a lot like The Three Little Pigs and other books like that. I think this book is a really good book.

I recommend this book to people who like books about puppies. I think preschoolers up to any other grade should read this book. The Poky Little Puppy is a fantastic book.

May R. is a student in Mrs. Gautreau's 2nd Grade Class