Woodrow, the White House Mouse

Written by Peter Barnes
Illustrated by Cheryl Barnes

Reviewed by Alyssa M. (age 11)

This book is about a mouse named Woodrow Mouse who is serving president for the White House. Woodrow tells the reader about all the different things that a president has to do like studying each bill that congress delivers from Capitol Hill, and he must approve and/or deny a paper known as vetoing the bill. He also gives speeches and speaks to many different people. Read this book to find out the many jobs of being a president.

I enjoyed this book although it was very short. I was wondering about some of the jobs presidents have to do because I have seen the president on TV giving speeches and wondered if this mouse could relate. I liked the part where it was introducing all the president's children at the ball.

I recommend this book for about 3rd grade to 5th grade if you were looking for something short to read. Also, for anyone who wants to learn about the jobs of a president in a fun way.

Alyssa M. is a student in Mrs. Winton's 4th/5th Grade Class