Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten

Written by Joseph Slate • Illustrated by Ashley Wolf

Reviewed by Sylvia W (age 7)

The book takes place in a kindergarten class. First, Christopher has to go to the bathroom. And Miss Bindergarten doesnít let him go. So he makes an accident! Miss Bindergarten has a wild day because the students are crazy. Jesse drops the bug jar and some people are allergic to bugs. Lenny cuts his thumb. The kids eat too much candy and thatís why theyíre going crazy and dropping all the stuff on the floor. Even the nurse drops the Band-Aids! Miss Bindergarten is mad because Ian ripped her favorite book. In the beginning it was a crazy day but at the end, it was a happy day.

I feel mad because Miss Bindergarten canít do everything at once. My opinion is that she is having a horrible day in kindergarten. At the end, I was happy because Miss Bindergarten let the butterflies free. It was funny because in the middle Patricia trips and flips over her tray. My opinion about this book is that it is funny and happy. It makes you laugh and itís a happy book.

I think Ronnie would like this book because it is so interesting and has a lot of feelings. I think Ms. Yarisma would like this book because it has a lot of details. I think Noelia would like this book because itís colorful and has a lot of pictures. I think that my friend Marcell would like this book because it is good and she likes colorful books. I also think my mom would like this book because she likes reading long books. I think 2nd graders would like this book because they can relate to the characters.

Sylvia W is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's New Day Fashion Fireboy Island (2015-2016)