Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Written by Nick Bruel

Reviewed by Eleanor M. (age 8)

Do you have a cat or have ever seen a cat? Well in this book, thereís a cat whoís both bad and smart. Wait! I almost forgot! The cats getting a bath!!!!!!!! Donít you think thatís crazy?! Because I think itís crazy. And the cat is really bad. I mean really, really bad.

My favorite part was when kitty was in the bath with all the soap and water. It was really funny. I liked that part because the narrator said that puppy had to get a long, long, long bath but puppy had a short bath. And kitty had a longer bath and cats hate baths. Well my cat definitely hates baths. What this book reminds me of is when my cat is bad and goes out in the rain. Because my cat gets wet but not too wet because if its pouring outside my cat wonít go out. But I never gave my cat a bath! Who would?

I would recommend this book to my mom or dad. I would because they love funny books and this book is really funny. They would probably laugh at the cat because we have a cat.

Eleanor M. is a student in Mrs. Violino's 3rd Grade Class