The Seven Chinese Brothers

Written by Margaret Mahy • Illustrated by Jean and Mou-sien Tseng

Reviewed by Aaron H. (age 5)

This is a story about the strongest men in the world. These men were very stong men who could hoist boulders by hand. The story is about the seven brothers who trade places to try not to be destroyed. There are two armies who try to destroy the very very strong men. The king did not want them to be there.

My favorite part was the end because the brothers were safe and happy. My favorite character was the seventh brother. He made the big tears and the tears washed one army north and the other army south. The emperor was tossed so high and far that he still is trying to get back to his pals. I also liked that the part about the Great Wall of China is true.

It is a pretty good book. I would recommend it because other kids might like it, especially if they like army stories.

(This review was dictated to an adult.)

Aaron H. is a student in Mrs. Pedone's Reading Club