The Legend of the Blue Bonnet

Written by Tomie dePaola
Illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Natalia R. (age 9)

Long, long ago when Native Americans lived there was a Native American girl whose family died. But the girl and her tribe were alive. The girl was called "She-Who-Is-Alone." The spirits were mad and something caused them to make a drought. So the whole tribe wondered what they had to do to stop the drought and let rain fall. So then in the night the whole tribe and She-Who-Is-Alone came out and talked to the spirits from high above. The spirits said that one Native American had to burn their greatest posession. No one would give up anything. Only one person did. While you read the story try to think about who did and what they gave up.

I love this book because the end has a beautiful ending with the bluebonnets. I also like the girl because she made a big decision in the story to give something up. I liked the way the girl changed and so did her name,to go along with the ending.

I recommend this book for everyone because it teaches you about giving up something that is important. I think students of all ages can enjoy this book and learn about sharing.

Natalia R. is a student in Mrs. Byrne's Reading Club